While the total number of infrastructure projects is declining, a dramatic increase in the size and complexity of new projects demands a new approach to fundraising and project management.

But with a global talent shortage set to hinder all but the biggest projects, infrastructure organisations require tools that will allow them to attract exceptional leaders.

At Alexander Executive Search, our global Infrastructure Practice supports businesses in securing creative leaders with the experience to manage complex projects, engage investors as well as a diverse workforce, and deliver outstanding assets.


The growing means of transportation and improved technology in the aviation, rail, road and marine sectors demand more from the people in control. Finding the right executives to lead and inspire an organisation to new ground has never been more critical.

Alexander Executive Search has the international knowledge and network to serve an ever-expanding industry. Transportation and logistics suppliers have become crucial to organisational growth and success.

Alexander Executive Search provides the platform from which transportation organisations can attract leaders who can inspire organisational achievement no matter the role.

Energy & Natural Resources

The oil and gas industry is responding to an oil price half its recent peak; changing the economic balance between offshore, onshore, shale, and fracking production. The mining sector is also responding to increasing costs and international concerns over environmental impact.

The power sector is responding to the climate change agenda, partly through reducing carbon emissions, but also through continued investment in established renewable technologies like solar and wind, and in emerging technologies such as tidal and wave power.

This changing landscape requires companies to challenge the shape of their organisation and the skill mix within it.